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Migraine review: WeatherX Earplugs productWeatherX  (pressure filtering earplugs) are coiled earplugs you put in when the barometric pressure shifts. You put an app on your phone that alerts you to a change. And you can change it to be more sensitive if you are more sensitive to shifts in barometric changes as I seem to be. You put them in for 2 to 4 hours. You can actually hear through them. You feel a sense of pressure. And when the barometric pressure is changing you can even feel a migraine trying to come on. And this is when I lay down and rest. Maybe put a mild ice pack on my head and dim the lights. It is like it wants to come but it just… doesn’t. So the weather has been crazy around here for the area. It has not really stopped with these infernal storms. Not much of a summer at all…

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