Amazing read. Really made me think about what my disabled dad and mother in law go thru every day of life and when their meds arent available anymore (in their case they were cut back DRAMATICALLY and too quickly, setting off horrible effects and events…..). Why do we think its okay to speak of/to the differently abled words spoken when were talking about our dogs and cats. Euthanasia is predominantly animal language in my brain….never have I associated it with HUMAN beings.

Brainless Blogger

I often say that I feel disabled lives are not valued by society as a whole. We are discriminated against, undervalued, not found as worthy, belittled, ignored, not accommodated for… and the list goes on and on. A society should be rated on how it treats its most vulnerable in it. And what does it say about Your culture and society by how they treat the most vulnerable?

Chronic pain, suffering and opiates

One example I have used is the opiate crisis. And how it has affected those of us with chronic pain. The result being many people with chronic pain or even terminal cancer being taken off necessary pain management medication. It has resulted in suicides. We have all heard of many, many suicides as a result of this. Not that these make the headlines, eh? Not much of a story is it compared to the addiction crisis. The…

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